SO CHIAO INDUSTRY CORPORATION is a professional firehose manufacturer established in 1980. Our HIGH-LONG and SUPREME firehoses are sold in more than 30 countries in Europe, America and Asia. ISO 9001 certified, with complete laboratory and production equipment.

ISO Certification

Business Philosophy and Quality Policy

  • Quality

    Do things well from the beginning. A strong R&D team, states of the art testing equipment and continuous training have allowed us to maintain great quality and stay ahead of competition.

  • Innovation

    Stay on top of the trends and create competitive new products. Adapt new production technologies and explore new materials. Develop new markets.

  • Efficiency

    Have a keen grasp of the rapidly changing world and act quickly. Ensure global and local technical support, short delivery time and customer satisfaction.

  • Company philosophy

    We strive to provide products with great and stable quality to our customers. With excellent design and manufacturing capabilities, strong technical support and high adaptability to customer needs, our products are sold in more than 30 countries in Europe, America, and Japan in addition to being used by fire departments in Taiwan, and have earnt a good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets.



05-Purchased merging and twisting machines and achieved one-stop production as well as better quality.

05-Participated in International Fire & Safety Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

07-Participated in Indo Security/ Indo Fire Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.


05-Obtained approval by CFS (Taiwan Fire Protection Safety Center Res Foundation / Chinese Fire Protection Safety Center) for our semi-rigid firehose, and became the first and only manufacturer of semi-rigid firehose in Taiwan.


06-Developed a new type of 65mm firehoses with twill sidewall reinforcement to improve abrasion resistance and obtained CFS approval.

11-Imported special circular loom for producing semi-rigid firehoses.


07-Obtained CFS approval for 50mm double jacket firehoses.

08-Obtained CFS approval for 50mm 2.0MPa firehoses.


04-Participated in International Fire & Safety Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.


01-Obtained CFS approval for 40 mm and 65 mm double jacket firehoses.

04-Participated in International Fire & Safety Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.


04-Participated in International Fire & Safety Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

05-Obtained CFS approval for 8 types of firehoses and is the first in Taiwan to do so with a strong range of specifications.


Obtained approval from Japan’s NK Inspection (NIPPON KAIJI KENTEI KYOKAI) for 40mm, 50mm and 65mm firehoses.

09-Participated in Secutech Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


11-Participated in the Secutech Vietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam.


02-The 65mm firehose passed Japanese national inspection.


06-Added PU extrusion machines to our production line.

07-40mm firehose passed Japanese national inspection.


12-The laboratory equipment was fully updated to adapt to the requirements of CNS and Japanese national inspection.

1994 ~ 1996

Awarded by Ministry of Labor of Taiwan for three continuous years as the designated partner/site to host water system examinations for fire protection engineers.


SO CHIAO INDUSTRY CORPORATION was established, and imported circular loom from Germany to start production.